Our Story

Our story begins a little over ten years ago.

We first met on our church’s worship team and bonded over a shared love of photography, hiking, and 3-part harmony. Our friendship became a place for stories to be cherished and celebrated.

It was on a hike in the summer of 2020 where the dream of combining our photography backgrounds and mutual love of story into a business was born. We began imagining how we could serve women who bring beauty, delight, structure, and design to our city through their work.

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Meet Miranda

She began her photography career over a decade ago as a natural light photographer for children and families.

Over the years, she’s expanded her services to include product and interior design photography, recently collaborating with Pinhole Press, Rowe Furniture, and  design magazine Home Design & Decor.

She’s serious about coffee – one cup a day, brewed in her French press – and she finds delight in spotting heart-shaped things. Her favorite way to end the day is gathering with family and friends over a shared meal and great conversation.

Meet Lori Ellen

She is a singer and music major who parlayed those skills into a career as a speech-language pathologist. This transition meant her life went from being musical and artistic to clinical and scientific, which left her longing for more creative outlets.

She got her first “fancy” camera 13 yrs ago and began to study photography. At first, she channeled those skills into taking images for her food/travel blog (long since abandoned) and photos of her family. More recently, she began pursuing professional real estate photography.

She’s a foodie who plans all her travel around where she is going to eat and never leaves town without her milk frother. There are few things she loves more than spending a rainy day curled up on her couch with a latte, a good book, and her pup on her lap.

We are