Once upon a time, one only needed a headshot if one was an actor going on casting calls. Or, perhaps, you were an author and needed a photo for that book jacket. Well friends, those days are long gone! Due to the rise of e-commerce and social media marketing, these days, every single business owner and business team member needs a professional headshot. It doesn’t matter what your business is or does. If you are the face behind the business – you need a headshot!

But, before we talk about the “why” of headshots, let’s talk about the “what”.

What Are Headshots & Why Are They Important?

Headshots are #1 on the shot list of photos taken at every single brand shoot. They are essentially just what they sound like. A headshot is a 3/4 length or waist-up portrait of you looking at the camera. In these images the focus is solely on you, not your environment, tools, services, or process. It’s all you, baby!

They are important because they give face to the person behind the business. People do business with people, not businesses. By showing potential clients/customers your face, you help to facilitate the sense that they know you…which leads to liking and trusting you. And, we all know, that like-know-trust factor is critical for building and growing your customer base and audience. It’s part of why social media is such a critical component of business marketing these days.

Headshots can and should be used in a variety of ways. They can be used on:

  • the “About” and/or “Team” sections of your website
  • your social media profiles
  • in promotional materials for speaking engagements, collaborations, or media mentions
  • business cards, resumes, and CVs
  • brochures or other marketing materials
  • email signatures
  • author pages

Why You Should Update Your Headshot

#1 – You Don’t Already Have One

Maybe it goes without saying, but the primary reason you should have headshots made is because you don’t already have any. Again, your potential clients/customers want to know who they are doing business with – “who” as in the person behind the business.

Even if your business is brand new and you are not quite ready or able to make the investment in a full brand session yet, you should at least consider having headshots made. And, no, that poorly lit iPhone pic your friend took in the back yard won’t cut it. When comparing websites, social media profiles, or LinkedIn pages, it is easy to distinguish between those who invested in professional headshots versus those who tried to DIY it. High quality images convey a sense of professionalism and credibility. Potential clients or customers that find you online are more likely to take you seriously if you are presenting with professional images from the get go.

Headshot of Kassidi Gniadek of Plume Marketing Co in Charlotte, NC

Plus, having professional images to use can help boost your own confidence as a business owner.

#2 – Your Look Has Changed

One of the primary reasons to have a headshot is to identify or introduce yourself to your potential clients, customers, or employers. They, again, help to promote that all important like-know-trust factor. So, if you want your audience to get to know you, you should let them get to know the current version of you. As a general rule of thumb, you should have your headshots updated every 1-2 yrs. But, if your look has significantly changed, you should consider new headshots regardless of when your last ones were taken.

Factors that affect your look can include:

  • aging
  • significant change in hairstyle or color
  • significant weight change
  • a change in the style or presence of eyewear
  • a change in personal style

If you look at your current headshot and think “That just doesn’t feel like me anymore,” it’s time to get a new one!

#3 – You Are Establishing or Updating Your Personal Brand

Maybe you are introducing your brand or your business to the world. Or, maybe you did that several years ago and your business has evolved with time. Maybe you have changed or expanded your services, or the population you serve. Maybe your business has grown and now there’s a whole new “why” behind your brand/business. What if your personal mindset or confidence as a business owner has evolved? If that is true you definitely want to share the new you – the current you – with your audience.

Any of those scenarios is actually a great time to either get or update your brand imagery as a whole, which would certainly include new headshots.

Headshot of Stefanie Stroman, Stroman Studios Calligraphy by Harmonie Houseimages

When we asked our client Stefanie Stroman of Stroman Studios Calligraphy why she was looking for new brand images she told us that she was still using an iPhone selfie from 2011 on her website and in her profile pics. She knew that she would not be able to take her business to the next level without updating her imagery.

“‘In order to upscale, you must update’ is what I kept telling myself when I sat down in January to write out my business goals for 2023. A branding shoot was at the TOP of the list. “

-Stefanie stroman

Read more about what Stefanie had to say here.

#4 – You’ve Changed Jobs or Have a New Role

Your headshots should not only accurately depict your current look, they should also accurately represent your current role or position. Like a lot of entrepreneurs, you probably wore ALL the hats when you launched your business. You might have been a one-woman show, dividing your time between working ON your business as well as IN your business. But now your business has grown. You’ve hired staff. You now serve as the face of your brand and get to focus your energies and gifts doing what you love and do best (which is probably why you started your biz in the first place, right?). Now you are able to delegate most of the “on the business” activities to employees. Your headshot should reflect that role and the confidence you’ve grown along the way.

It probably goes without saying but, along similar lines, if you have changed fields altogether, your headshot should reflect those professional needs. Essentially, any time your make a career move, you should consider updating your headshots.

#5 – You Need More Variety

Different platforms or scenarios may call for different looks. There are so many places where your profile can be published these days. Using the same headshot in every single scenario can ultimately look dated or out of touch. Having a variety of headshot looks can help prevent that.

Alternatively, you could benefit from having a variety of headshot options if there are multiple branches of your business or service offerings. You need headshots that reflect your role within each facet of your brand.

How We Can Help

Whether you need your first professional headshot or you’ve out grown your current ones, you are in luck! If you need headshots, but are not yet ready for a full branding session, we can help. Harmonie House Images is hosting our first Headshot Pop-Up Event!

It will be on Thurs, October 26, 2023 at The Frame. What’s more, our good friend Julia from Julia Rosemond Beauty will be on-site providing professional makeup services for the event so you are sure to be camera ready!

Headshot gallery carousel for Harmonie House Images  Charlotte, NC

We’d love to have you join us. Just click the button below to snag your spot!

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