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Hey friends, it’s Miranda with this month’s In Harmonie blog post, sharing a few thoughts on what’s bringing harmony, or peace, to my life these days.

The beginning of the fall season has always been my favorite time of year. The cooler temperatures, the vibrant colors, the favorite boots that have been waiting patiently in my closet since May… for me, this season means the return of familiar rhythms, the joyful anticipation of birthday celebrations, and the excitement of upcoming holiday traditions. It’s also the absolute busiest time of year for me, both personally and professionally. As I sit here typing, I’m peeking at the calendar where there are a total of 2 weekends between now and Christmas that aren’t already booked for family photo shoots or otherwise spoken for.

So when Lori Ellen asked if I’d be interested in traveling to Colorado last month to photograph a wellness retreat, I was surprised at how easily my fingers texted the letters Y-E-S in reply. It would be the last weekend before things really jumped into high gear, and instead of staying home to savor a weekend with nothing on the Google calendar, here I was adding “Fly out to Boulder” like it’s something I do all the time. (By the way, flying out to anywhere is something I rarely do. The last time I was on an airplane was 6 years ago; the time before that, almost 10 years.) I knew shooting this retreat would be a great opportunity for our photography business, I just didn’t realize how personal the trip would be for me.

We arrived in Boulder a couple of days prior to the retreat so we could get settled in with our host, Heather (more on her and her wellness retreat in an upcoming post!), and to see the space and grounds where we’d be shooting. We spent a day hiking the Shanahan Ridge Trail – at a very slow pace, given our East Coast lungs – and wow, what a balm to my soul.

Shanahan Ridge

What a gift to be in nature, simultaneously feeling so small among the mountains and yet feeling so fully known and loved by the Creator. I was humbled to look up and take in the expanse of an enormous rock, its face having witnessed millions of sunsets, and that it, and me, and everything around us are all part of Creation’s Song.

On the Shanahan Ridge Trail

One of my favorite things to ask people at the end of something (whether it’s dinner after a regular day, the last night on a vacation, or coming back from a concert) is “What was the best part for you?” and I keep trying to name the best part of this trip for me… I loved going with Lori Ellen, doing this work that we love and having the opportunity to build our portfolio. I loved meeting Heather, who seems like someone I’ve always known, and getting to know her heart for the work she’s doing in Boulder. I loved walking into the Trident and smelling freshly brewed coffee, old books and patchouli, and thinking of my friend Carrie and what her life must’ve been like here as a college student. From seeing glorious farmers market tomatoes that made my mouth water, to being at the right spot at the right time to catch a glimpse of a paraglider soaring over The Flatirons… even getting a window seat on the flight back home and watching the sun literally set over the Mississippi. This collection of moments, love notes if you will, penned just for me and hand-delivered in little moments during a trip to Colorado, was the best part and what has brought peace to my heart just when I need it most. Small reminders that even in the midst of the busy-ness of life, I am seen, known, and loved.

Farmers Market, Boulder CO, Harmonie House Images