Show of hands, who’s still rockin’ the resolutions on day 6??? If that’s you, you’re amazing and keep up the good work!

Here’s a confession: I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s resolution.

I used to make them when I was younger, but they were more along the lines of good habits I wanted to start. You know, like flossing after every meal or making the bed each day. Easy stuff. Inevitably, after a few days, I’d sleep in and forget about the bed, or my gums would be sore, and usually by the 2nd week of the year, I was over it.

Instead, this time of year finds me equal parts desperately wanting to replay the best moments of the previous year while also hopeful and excited for new beginnings.

There are days I wish my family and I were back at last year’s vacation, enjoying the life we knew before puberty, high school and social media. And at the same time, I see the upcoming plans on our family’s calendar, and I get downright giddy thinking about how much fun we’ll have together.

I’ve been bracing myself for that flip-flop of feelings to start up as I think about this next year for Harmonie House Images, especially after a day spent with Lori Ellen dreaming, planning, and setting goals for the coming year. But so far, my need to replay the past and my nervous-cited anxiety towards the future haven’t set in. True, we’re still in our first year of business, so I think a healthy amount of anxiety is probably normal. But mostly, I’m filled to the brim with hope for what’s in store. I’m excited to build up our clientele and learn ways to serve them and their businesses better. I’m eager for us to get to know other photographers and be a part of community within our industry. And I can’t wait to dive into workshops and classes that will fine tune our craft and the way we do business. 

But lately, I’ve been reminded that it’s better to remain in the present rather than wish for yesterday and worry over tomorrow. I can be thankful for what was, plan and prepare as best I can for what’s to come, but stay focused on being fully present for today. Look for moments of gratitude. Extend grace and kindness to myself when life reminds me just how very human and limited I am. Do the same for others. Be curious. Seek ways to serve. Celebrate the small victories. 

So while I’m hopeful for 2023, for the ideas and goals jotted down, and the plans being added to the calendars, I’m making a point to focus on what this day has to offer. Remaining in the present isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but it’s something I’m working on.

Dare I say, it might even be a resolution.









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