Do you ever wish that you knew exactly what makeup products to apply and exactly how to apply them, regardless of whether you need a “3-min face” for running to Target or a “full glam face” for an event or brand photos?

Yeah. Us too…

Well, girrrrlll, do we have a new friend for you! Please allow us to introduce you to Julia Rosemond of Julia Rosemond Beauty.


Julia Rosemond is a makeup artist (with 20+ years of experience) based in Charlotte, NC with a passion for enhancing natural beauty. She creates and shares simple and easy makeup videos that anyone can follow, along with her love for all things beauty. She also provides in-person makeup services for any occasion! Minimal effort makeup and beauty that makes you feel good is her motto so follow along for all things beauty videos, makeup tutorials, beauty product reviews, everyday makeup tips & tricks and MORE!


As we planned her brand imagery photo shoot, Julia told us that her goals for her business were to:

  • Build her social media presence (ie increase her following, boost engagement, connect with brands)
  • Build her in-person makeup business in the Charlotte area
  • Update her website images
  • Ultimately create digital guides and documents that she could sell from her website

In order to achieve these goals, Julia needed a variety of images with a cohesive look and feel. Luckily, creating images that allow women-lead businesses to authentically represent their brand is kinda our thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

She told us that she loved “clear, soft natural photos that have lots of light and an airy feeling. Slightly whimsical and minimal at the same time.” Based on her goals and description of photos she loved, we created this mood board as the starting point for the creative direction for our brand photo shoot.

Her brand imagery needed to include:

  • Updated headshots (specifically more lifestyle in nature per Julia’s request)
  • Images of Julia applying makeup to a client
  • Images of Julia teaching a client makeup application techniques
  • General lifestyle images that show the steps of her process and/or daily routine
  • Lifestyle images with her kids to help convey her relatability as a working mom
  • Shots of some of her favorite products


Every business is different. But, regardless of the type of business, there are certain types of photos that every brand needs. Those essential brand images are:

  • Classic headshots
  • Personality shots
  • Process shots
  • Lifestyle shots
  • Environment shots
  • Detail shots
  • Product shots

Thanks to our friend, Abby Murphy Photo, for so clearly outlining and defining these brand photo shots.

We booked The Frame in Charlotte for this photo shoot because of its exquisite natural light and Julia’s desire for soft, natural photos with a light and airy feeling.

Keep scrolling to see how we merged Julia’s specific imagery needs with this list of must-have brand photos.

First and foremost, the Classic Headshot…

Goodness gracious do we love that twinkle in her eyes! (Perfectly enhanced with beautiful, natural makeup, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Secondly, those Personality Shots…

What girl doesn’t love to twirl when she’s wearing a flowy dress! We love how these sweet shots show off Julia’s bubbly personality. (And, just for fun, we turned those images into a cute little GIF that she can use to be playful or celebratory on social media.)

Next up, the all-important Process Shots…

We did a few different series of process shots for Julia. This series in particular illustrates the steps of her makeup education services. Go ahead and check out her website here if you want to get in on this goodness yourself and learn from Julia’s expertise!

About those Lifestyle Shots…

The brand photos that fall into the category of “Lifestyle Shots” can come in SO MANY different forms. They could be almost anything about your life as business owner, behind the scenes, or how your products/services will impact the lives of your clients. Whatever form they take, though, these brand photos can be used to:

  • convey the end result your customers will experience after purchasing from or working with you
  • or to help promote that “Like, Know, Trust Factor”

Both are equally important for attracting your ideal clients/customers! For Julia, we focused on images illustrating happy client experiences, her relatability as someone who has struggled with skin issues (including some makeup free shots at her request), and “day-in-the-life” shots as a working mom.

Gorgeous and glowing even makeup free! #goals, right?

The Environment Shots

It was so much fun to recreate the vanity where Julia does her own makeup and films both her tutorials and social media content. We just adore all the white, gold, peach, and blush tones that coordinate perfectly with her brand color palette. And, that little bud vase of roses that nod to her name/business name and logo…chef’s kiss!

Also, we still aren’t over that makeup mirror! Just sayin’…

It’s all in the Detail Shot(s)

Similarly to Lifestyle Shots, there are a variety of ways that the details of a brand or business can be captured in their brand photos. For Julia, these photos were all about the tools of her trade!

Last but not least – The Product Shots

While Julia has plans to create digital products that can serve as resources to her clients, right now, her primary products are:

  1. Her representation of beauty brands
  2. Her makeup services and expertise

We created images that Julia could use to both pitch her services to various beauty brands and show potential clients exactly what they’ll receive after purchasing her services.

These products shots, however, are not be confused with photos of her favorite makeup products for which we created both flatlays and this darling little stop motion animation.


But, enough about what WE did for Julia. Let’s let you hear directly from her about what she can do for YOU!

We asked her a series of questions designed to help our audience get to know her better, specifically as a small business owner. Here’s what she had to say:

Please describe Julia Rosemond Beauty and what makes your service unique and notable? I provide in-person makeup services for any occasion – anything from your wedding day, head-shots to any special moment in your life ๐Ÿ™‚ In addition, I provide quality video content for beauty brands.

What inspired you to create Julia Rosemond Beauty and draws you to the clients you serve? What impact do you hope to have on your clients? I got started with makeup working at a salon during high school, but my fascination with makeup started much earlier. I had terrible acne growing up (acne, braces, awkward haircuts, you name it!) and I was always trying to figure out how I could cover up my imperfections. The quest to flawless skin was my mission and makeup and skincare quickly became a passion of mine.

Through college, I worked for MAC as a makeup artist where I had the opportunity to learn and master makeup skills and techniques โ€” AND work with many talented makeup artists in the industry. Throughout the years, Iโ€™ve been able to beautify some amazing women! I pride myself on my ability to enhance my clients’ natural beauty while making them feel comfortable and confident! Thatโ€™s what itโ€™s all about for me.

Are there any resources or assets (software, apps, courses, etc) that have really helped you uplevel your business? I want to say TikTok and Youtube (haha). You can really learn anything from social media these days but for me, it was really came down to trial and error and my dedication to making it work. Daily affirmations help too!

What would you say is the main thing that has helped you grow Julia Rosemond Beauty? This could be a personality trait, a mindset, an event, etc. I deliver with passion and a smile ๐Ÿ™‚ Honestly, this is what I LOVE to do and it comes through in all of my services.

If you started Julia Rosemond Beauty over today, what would you focus on first to help you grow? Treating it like a business from the beginning.

“I pride myself on my ability to enhance my clients’ natural beauty while making them feel comfortable and confident! That’s what it’s all about for me.”

-Julia rosemond

Please share the best business advice you have ever been given. Invest in yourself and never stop learning!

What is your favorite mantra? “You are beautiful. You are one-of-a-kind. You are enough.”

Describe your absolute biggest challenge prior to doing a personal branding photo shoot? Leaving my 9-5 job to pursue my dreams.

How did that challenge make you feel? It was something I thought about for years and but I was too scared to pull the trigger.

What changed after getting/using your images and videos? I feel like my brand got a facelift and a fresh start!

How was your overall experience working with us? I absolutely loved working Harmonie House! Both professional and personable at the same time ๐Ÿ™‚ They made me feel comfortable from the beginning and followed through with everything that we discussed. Highly recommend and cannot wait to work with them again!

Brand photos for makeup artist Julia Rosemond Beauty by Harmonie House Images Charlotte, NC


Clearly, we just adored working with Julia and creating these brand photos and videos for her. In fact, we loved working with her so much and were so impressed with her makeup artistry that she is now the official go-to makeup gal for Harmonie House Images! Julia’s makeup application services can be added onto our Starter and Signature Brand Shoot packages. But, they are included with our Luxe Brand Photo Shoot!

By all means, do yourself a favor, and follow Julia on Instagram and TikTok @juliarosemondbeauty and on her YouTube channel. We promise you won’t regret it! Don’t forget to head on over to her website to find out all of the ways she can help with your makeup needs.

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