It’s no secret that here at Harmonie House Images, we are big music fans. Seriously, it’s right there in the name. So, you can imagine how thrilled we were when the musical duo Beauty & The Blues reached out to us to create imagery for their upcoming rebrand and website launch.

Their goal as a performers is to take on more gigs at weddings and upscale events. However, they also wanted to highlight their individual work as singer-songwriters, the fact that they are a couple, and some of the ins and outs of their gig life.

We needed a variety of locations to bring these storylines to life. Our first stop was the at The Belle Crane Inn where, once again, Jade Floral worked her magic to help us create scenes that would speak to those looking to book music for weddings and upscale events. We also recreated scenes speaking to their lives as singer-songwriters on the inn’s incredible wraparound porch. From there we jetted over to one of their favorite gig locations, The Artisan’s Palate, to showcase aspects of their gig life. Finally, we ended the day at The Frame to capture general headshots/band shots, behind-the-scenes, and general lifestyle imagery.

Did we sit down after wrapping the shoot and do a little singing with them just for funsies? You’ll have to check our Instagram feed to find out!

Who Are They?

Julie Dean and Keith Serpa are singer-songwriters, and local Charlotte-area musicians. Together, they are Beauty & the Blues. Julie’s sweet clear melodies pair well with Keith’s husky tones and bluesy groove. They are a perfect fit for a cocktail hour or two after a wedding service, or even the service itself, imbuing sweet love songs throughout. This duo has so much fun together, and delivers with spirited and poignant performances.

You can catch Beauty & the Blues playing regularly at a handful of brewery, wine rooms and restaurants around town. Better yet, book them for your private party or employee appreciation events!

As is our custom, we asked them a a series of questions designed to help our audience get to know them better. Here’s what they had to say:

What makes you unique as a duo?

Keith’s Chicago-based Blues background sets our music up to have a sweet groove. Julie’s dulcet lyrical tones can transport and mesmerize. Our style can be customized for specific needs, either music to highlight and serve for purpose, or to have as an easy background soundtrack to people connecting and visiting all around. Live, we are effective and easy. We even like to customize our set list to highlight any requests we might accommodate.

What inspired you to form Beauty & The Blues?

We love playing music that matters & get much joy from performing for meaningful events! We”d like to think we are providing sweet touching moments and joyful fun ones as well

What’s been helpful to you as small business owners?

Knowing that the art and act of singing and playing is at its core, music therapy. Keith’s easy going demeanor means that everyone is a friend. He’s a great host at anyone’s party, which helps make communication and introductions easy. Julie’s heart and passion for seeking authentic moments (both musically and in relationships) really does confirm for our clients that we are the right duo to provide music for their events.

Julie and Keith, every minute of this shoot with you was an absolute delight! You are both incredibly talented and so dear…and you are stinking adorable together!

We know your new website is still under construction, but we can’t wait to see it when it launches!

Brand Session Details

Locations: The Belle Crane Inn, The Artisan’s Palatte, The Frame

Florals: Jade Floral Company

Hair/Makeup: Julia Rosemond Beauty

Photos: Harmonie House Images

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