Connect with your clients and elevate your brand in minutes!

So you’ve just been sent your digital files from your brand shoot and you’ve got a handful of gorgeous headshots at your fingertips. Now what?!

We’re rounding up 4 ways to use your new headshots, helping you connect with your clients. The best part? They’re all super easy to do and will help elevate your brand in minutes!

1. Your Website

Of course you want that shiny new headshot prominently displayed on your website’s About Me page, but like, make it stand out, right? Your headshot will be what creates that initial connection between you and your future client, so having an image that conveys your brand’s vibe and aesthetic is important. Make the image itself be as large as or larger than the About Me copy. While website visitors skim over the copy to learn more about you, they’ll simultaneously be connecting your image (you) to what they’re reading. Pro tip? If you’re a service-based business where building relationships with your clients is an integral part of your brand and what you provide for your customers, you’ll want that headshot to include you looking directly into the camera, virtually creating eye contact with anyone who sees this part of your website.  


2. Your Social Media Bio

If your business is built around what you can do, teach, provide or create for someone, then you’re the face of your business. Putting your face “on” your product, so to speak, is an added value. So it should come as no surprise to you that updating LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and all the other socials with your new headshot is a must! It’s one of the first things we suggest our own clients do when they get their brand images back, because it’s such an easy way to keep building the connection with their audience and future clients. And while we’re certainly proud of the headshots we’ve created for our clients, we’re always crushing on other people’s bio pics. We’re visual, so we can’t help but notice a great image! Some of our favorite Instagram bio pics out there now are:

@carolineyork – it’s a tight black and white image of just Caroline’s face behind this massive lens. Half of her face is behind the camera, while the other half is open-mouth smiling and looking “at us” in the image. It’s warm and inviting – exactly how a family photographer wants their clients to feel about them.

@juliafayphoto – not only are the tone on tone colors of Julia’s image gorgeous and on brand, but it’s visually interesting, too. She’s holding her camera at her hip and looking to the side, so it’s literally her profile. It’s confident and gorgeous!

@avonnephotography_ – another black and white image, this shows Avonné sitting outside on marble steps (we imagine somewhere glamorous and far away, like Italy or Greece) with a friendly, kind smile. She exudes confidence, approachability and professionalism.

If your business is built around what you can do,
teach, provide or create for someone,
then you’re the face
of your business.


3. Your Business Card

Yes, business cards are still very much a thing! And what better way to keep connected with people than to have your image on the back of them? Think about it. You’re at a networking event with other vendors and small business owners. So many logos, so many businesses and names to remember. But if your image is on the back, your business is easier to remember. Plus, you’re continuing to create connection each time someone flips over your card. Our client Stefanie is a calligrapher with various offerings. We love how she includes her headshot on the backs of her cards, as well as other images from her brand session to highlight those different services. Fun fact? She uses Moo for her cards, and so do we! We’ve been really pleased with Moo’s paper and print quality and cannot recommend them enough!

Use headshots and brand imagery on your business cards to build connection.

4. Your Email Signature

Another way to drive home the connection between you and your client is adding your headshot to your email signature! Canva is our go-to tool here, and we were surprised at how easy it was to create. 

We just typed in “business email signature” in the template search field and customized the template we liked best. We chose “Black White Simple Photo Business Signature” by DesignsforMakers, and then customized it with our brand colors and images. Now, each time we send out an email, we’re creating another visual connection with the recipient.

We hope you find these 4 ways to use your new headshots easy and effective in elevating your brand. Need a few new headshots to get started? We’re hosting a Headshot Pop-up on Thursday October 26th in Charlotte! We’ll provide 3 fully edited headshots and a video clip to use on socials. Glam up your makeup with our pal Julia Rosemond Beauty and have some yummy snacks, too! Reserve your time here!

New headshots are an easy and effective way to connect with clients and elevate your brand.